Microsoft Agent

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Here you can download some programs from another website.

MASH (Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper) is a script program that can animate Microsoft Agent. Microsoft Agent can perform certain actions, like speaking, thinking, and move across the screen. The program is freeware.

CyberBuddy is a freeware program. The animated character can tell you a joke, thought of the day, read news, check weather, read text, and many other things. There are also some premium features that are not available in the version of this program.

Vox Proxy is a script editor that uses Microsoft Agent for animation in Microsoft Office PowerPoint. For PowerPoint users, it is recommended to use Microsoft Office 2003 running on Windows XP. Vox Proxy does not work on non-Microsoft Office PowerPoint applications such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice. The program is a trial-version. After expiring in 30 days, you will be unable to create or edit Vox Proxy's slide or macro scripts.


Here you can download Microsoft Agent characters from Dropbox. Those characters were copied from Bellcraft's website, in this case, if the website ever goes offline. Once downloaded, open the package file and read the readme.txt file.

Bear in mind that there are no previews for characters on this website and so may either contain some good or bad animations. If there is a character that you don't like, just unpack another character. There is also a credit to the animators and companies.